Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Button down skirts.

While going through my daily blog reads, and looking through wardrobe remix, I have noticed a new 'trend' if you will. Button down skirts. Whether they are high-waisted or not, I have been seeing these all over recently. They are most commonly worn with shirts that have buttons also, to make the entire outfit look like it was meant to be.

For example, Irene Adler wears a navy button down skirt with a mustard colored shirt (both from H&M), inspired by the 'Gossip Girl' television series.

Piksi wears a very similar skirt (if not almost exactly the same) in black from a store called 'Nümph'. She also wears this with a shirt with buttons at the top.

Of the two outfits, I have to say that I like Irene's better, mostly because I abesolutely love the color combination, and I adore 'Gossip Girl'.

The girl from Stylebytes.net (I don't know her name), wears a vintage button down miniskirt in this photo. She wears it with grey tights
and a grey shirt with the nice touch of a blue scarf.

These are only three examples of the many well-worn button down skirts I have seen around lately. The problem is, I have only been seeing them on people...not in stores. I really want one. I mean want. Like want really badly. I am going to try H&M this weekend, but I doubt they will have anything like it. If any of you know where to find one for under $20, please contact me!! I MUST HAVE ONE!!

Haha sorry about my little episode. I feel like the girl from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. But seriously, I need one of these skirts, daddy. hehe =]

I didn't really wear anything to interesting today, but here is my outfit from yesterday:

Yellow Undershirt: Wet Seal, $5
Sweater: Demonia, gift from Aunt
Jeans: Delias, $20
Flats: Marshalls, $20
Belt: Vintage Dior, from Grandma's closet

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The story of the cashmere pencil skirt.

Remember the black cashmere pencil skirt from a few posts ago? I got it at a clothes swap. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, when i got it, it smelled a bit like moth balls. The smell was not very bad, but I knew that I couldn't wear it until I got the smell out. The problem with cashmere is, you cant wash it with your other clothes in a washing machine; it has to be either hand washed or sent to the dry cleaner. I sent it to the dry cleaner, hoping that it would get the smell out. I got it back yesterday and it reeked even more than before!

So I tried to hand-wash it, and the smell kept getting stronger. In fact, it smelled up the whole 2nd floor of my house. From one skirt. I had to DRENCH everything in my room with air-freshener to get rid of it. And the skirt STILL smelled! After it dried, the smell was subtle again, but I still don't think that I can wear it =[.

Who the hell thought of moth balls? They should die. Right now. The smell is horrifying. I'd rather have moths eat my clothes than walk around smelling horrible.

Does anyone have any tips at getting rid of the smell of moth balls completely? Remember, its cashmere so whatever I do I have to be very very delicate.

This is what I wore on Saturday:

Shirt: Lola, $8
Jeans: Delias, $20
Flats: Marshalls, $20

This is what I wore today:

Shirt: Gap, $5
Sweater: Vintage thrifted, $5
Jeans: Delias, $20
Scarf: gift
Shoes: Converse, $30
Peacoat: Delias, $25
Bag: Vintage via clothes swap