Monday, March 31, 2008

gloom, gloom, and what else? oh yeah, more gloom.

Okay, I know that they say 'April showers bring May flowers,' but right now I'm not feeling the love. It rained almost all day, and when it wasn't raining, it was extremely cloudy and humid (which always means bad hair day for me). And guess what else? Its supposed to rain/be cloudy all week! I have 3 amazing spring-y outfits waiting for good weather to come around.

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. golden sun, please shine down on me?

Okay, okay. Will stop with the Debbie Downer-ness. I should be happy, at least I know for sure its not going to snow again till next winter...[and if it does, thats messed up!]

As you may or may not have noticed, I am almost always wearing the same shoes in my posts. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE SHOES! I just don't have many pairs. Shoes are so expensive; I'd rather get a lot of clothes then one pair of shoes! I know, I know, you vintage/thrift experts find amazing shoes for under $20, but I'm not so lucky. I have an awkward size [8.5/9] that I can never find...its always 6s, 7s, then skips to 9.5s and 10s.

Don't fret! I am going shoe shopping tomorrow, and I am hoping to pick up some boots on sale, some heels/pumps, and/or some gladiator sandals. xD

There is something about creepy/old/abandoned looking things that really intrigues and inspires me. I live in a rather old house, so there are a few areas of my house that look a bit shakey. I love taking pictures of them and hanging out around them...I don't know why. When I show friends these pictures, they just question me; 'Zoe why are you taking pictures of junk?' or 'Eeew...this is somewhere in your house?'.

I guess, photography-wise, I love urban creepy pictures that makes the viewer uncomfortable...I really REALLY want to take a photoshoot of someone wearing really fashionable things in strange creepy places in the city.. *cough* BELLE *cough*

What do you guys think? Abandoned areas; work of art or pile of junk?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I can't help it...

Today I had to meet some friends in the St. Marks area of NYC, and area rich in vintage stores and artsy restaurants. It's my fave part of the city. Anyways, I was running late, so as I had to pass by about 3 amazing and cheap looking vintage stores and not go in. It was hard. But trust me, I am gonna try to go back next weekend *cough* BELLE YOU ARE COMING *cough*.

After my activities in the city with my friends, I had some time to spare. As I was walking down 14th street, I saw this cute vintages store. The second I went in, I realized that it was mostly for men, but there was a small womens section in the back. The prices were decent; bags were $10-25, shirts, skirts, and pants were $15, but dresses were $28. I only had $26 on me at the time, so I just looked around.

I was looking through a bin of $10 wallets and I came across a very cute 70s wallet in good condition. I have been looking for a nice wallet for a while, and I really need one, so I bought it for $8 (which is a little expensive for a wallet, but whatevs).

After this, I still had time to spare, and Urban Outfitters was right across the street. I couldn't resist. I just wanted to look. The second I went in, I realized that they had ALL NEW STUFF in stock since last weekend. The lightbulb went off and I went straight down to the sale section...BULLSEYE!! There were tons of things I found that were $9.99; dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes. Of course, I only had like $12, so I had a tough decision to make in the dressing room. Here are some of the things I tried on:

Its hard to see how cool looking the shirt in the first pic is because of the background of the changing The second shirt was cute and really soft.

In the end, I went with a floral dress...its soo prettiful and I love it =D! I have to wear a shirt underneath it though, because it is a bit too low-cut/revealing for me. I think its meant to wear a shirt underneath though, so its okay =D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bags [part one]

Bags, Bags, BAGS!! I love bags...I mean who doesn't? Today the weather was shitty, and my mood and fashion sense usually reflects the weather, soo yeah. No outfit pic for today. But, I am going to blog about my favorite bag designers! Of course, I love vintage bags the best, but I also love designer bags!

First and foremost, I
love LeSportSac. Their bold colors and eye-catching prints drive me nuts. Its hard to find good pictures online, but if you ever get a chance to go to one of the stores (preferably an outlet), you will go nuts. The price range of these bags are decent; mostly under $100. They are completely waterproof, and some are even reversible.

I am a proud owner of two of these amazing bags (pictures in tomorrows post), and I love them with all of my life. They are so useful, and they never go out of style. When they get dirty, I can just throw them in the laundry machine, and bam! clean! They are great for the beach and even for school or travel.

Usually, I'm not too into big big designer bags, but I've been LOVING this seasons Fendi bags...the colors...the gradients...its amazing. If only I had $2000 to spare xP

On a cheaper note, I love almost all of the bags from Delias. They are affordable, and cute! I still prefer vintage, but hey; colors are great no matter what.

Im gonna head to bed now, but check back tomorrow for a post with pictures of all of my favorite bags =D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

६२ degrees! xD

It was 62 degrees today! I'm not positive, but I think thats the hottest its been so far this year. YAY. I wore a skirt and spring-y colors for the event.

Todays outfit actually took me 15 minutes to make last night...The idea popped into my head after like 2 minutes, but it took me FOREVER to find my red tank and my pencil skirt. I guess thats what I get for having such a messy room =[. blarghs i really need to clean it but i really don't want too.

Of all of the pieces to this outfit, I got the most compliments on the belt. Yay for $1 belts! Unfortunately, I didn't realize until after I left the house that the tights I was wearing were rather orange and in the flourescent light made me look like I had a really bad fake tan on my legs....but whatever. Hopefully everyone realized that I was wearing tights and that I don't have orange legs =P

The other day, I was in Urban Outfitters, and I almost cried. Not from physical or emotional pain, but from the fact that 99.9% of the clothes in there were BEAUTIFUL - AMAZING - EXACTLYWHATIWANT, and I couldn't afford any of them. Who the hell do they think they are, charging tons of money (tee shirts are over $30, no joke) for vintage knock-offs that fall apart (their fabric is so shitty 50% of the time)??!!??!

For example, this $90 colorblock dress.... its beautiful.

Going on their website to get this picture is starting to make me very sad again. Next time I walk in the store, I am going to have to tell myself, "This is cheap shit, you dont want it. This is cheap shit, you don't want it".....It probably wont work though =[

Okay, so I guess I am done for the day with this blog, but before I finish, I want to thank everyone who has been commenting! I love you! And if you haven't been commenting, you should. I just changed my settings yesterday to allow anonymous comments and I took away the verification thingy.

Now I will leave you with a music video from one of my favorite bands, The Hush Sound:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"That sweater looks amazingly warm and comfy. You lucky bitch!"

What? Two consecutive posts? Thats crazy! Well, I have changed my lazy ways and have decided to try as hard as I can to post EVERY DAY xD! Not only have I been very inspired lately, but the weather is finally warm enough for me to take pictures outside, like the one above [even though i look like a loser who cant even do the air guitar right].

My dad, being a professional photographer, has let me use his old camera, the Nikon D70. You can expect many photoshoots in the future. Belle, I don't care if you think its stupid...we WILL make photoshoots.

I decided to make a checklist of garments and accessories I want for this spring:

  • Black/Gray Suspenders
  • Flow-y pretty skirt
  • Colorful shirts/sweaters
  • Floral Dress(es)
  • Highwaisted Shorts
  • Sunglasses that actually look good on me (very hard to find)
  • Thin beige/brown/yellow belt
  • Summer-y sweaters
  • Full piece bathingsuit (I think I can pull it off)
If you know where to find any of these items for a decent price online, PLEASE contact me ASAP!

Also, you may have noticed that I updated the site a little bit. Now its not ugly, and its very springy.

I am going to end this blog with a picture of this pile of shit I like to call 'my bedroom'. I know its extremely messy. Hopefully, the embarrassment of posting it online will motivate me to clean it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

70s, 80s, whats next, 90s?

Okay okay. I didn't stay true to my promise of blogging more. Let me just admit now that I am a lazy little shit who likes to sit around and be bored. But, I'm getting better, don't worry. And I expect Belle to help me keep up with my blogs by threatening me when I don't post them.

The fact that Spring is ALMOST here is making me muy bien. And I don't even take spanish, so that says a lot. My room is still a mess..there are clothes everywhere. A lot of which I NEVER wear. Somehow, even though I never wear them, I don't like they idea of giving them away or selling them, because I like to hoard them in piles and jump around thinking about how many clothes I have.

Unfortunately, a lot of my old clothes don't fit, so I will be selling them on Ebay shortly. If you are a size 00-0, and you need some slacks/dress pants, you have come to the right place, because I have about 5 or 6 pairs that I need to part with. I also have 3 pairs of wide legged twills in three different colors (but they are the same pant), and 3 pairs of courderoys that are 3 different colors (but are also the same pant) that dont fit me anymore. Notice How I wasn't exaggerating when I said I used to dress very boring.

Anyways, on to more exciting things, the other day I decided to dress up like the 70s:
(click to enlarge)
Yeah. There is that LOVELY-AMAZING-BEAUTIFUL-ARHSHDHF romper that I got from ebay =D=D=D=D (notice the 4 consecutive happy faces). The tights are my moms and the pink shirt is some old thing from American Eagle (Belle, don't kill me. I bought it like 3 years ago).

Like 3 weeks ago or so I dressed up as the 80s:
(click to enlarge)
Sorry about the poor quality of these photos. My camera has been acting up a bit lately. The zebra thing that looks like a shirt is actually a leotard from the 80s, given to me by my grandma. Yay for grandmas!!

Over this weekend I went to H&M, and got some very lovely spring-y things. I got two shirts, and sweater, and a belt. The belt was $1. YAY FOR GOOD DEALS!
(click to enlarge)
Look at the pretty colors and flowerssssss yay. All of this for $40. Not my best deal, but not my worst deal either. The sweater was the expensive one, at $25 but its amazing so its okay.

I think this post is long enough now, so I am gonna go.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

53 degree weather, please stay =]

I'd like to start off this blog by saying that I won the romper =D! For $16.25 including shipping! I can't wait for it to come in the mail.

Since I haven't had outfit posts in forever, I have 4 pictures for today xD.

(In the two pictures it looks like I didnt move at all, doesn't it? Its weird because I moved a lot...I had to put the sweater on and walk over to the camera to start the picture timer again...somehow I got in the EXACT same pose..creepy :\)

This is what I wore yesterday.... the dress is from my childhood (as seen in an earlier post) and the tights are my mom's...I remember mocking her when she wore them a few years ago...I thought they were ugly as hell, but now I have learned to appreciate them. The sweater is also my mothers from the 80s and I have been wearing it a lot recently because it matches almost everything and it is very warm.

This is what I wore today...The colorblock shirt I bought in October...It was on sale for like $15 and it was before all the magazines were raving about colorblock...I am very proud of myself for predicting a trend =P. The plaid trench I bought over a year ago. It's DKNY, and I love it with all my was quite a splurge, but hey, you have to splurge every once in a while, right? Plus, it was totally worth it because even a year later, it is still in style =D

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where have you been?

Okay, so I am gonna have to admit, I have no reason for not posting other than how lazy I am....and also I have been a bit uninspired outfit-wise lately....until yesterday.

Hm...whats happened since my last post? Well, first of all, I went to my grandma's house and she gave me a bunch of her old DESIGNER clothes from the 60s-80s. This included a frumpy sweater, a dress, a shirt, two leotards, and a belt. I also went to a fabric store and picked up a cool sewing pattern and some fabrics, and I am currently working on a shirt....It is going to take me QUITE a while to finish it though, because it is very complicated.

I don't really have any pictures of any outfits I've worn recently...again, I have been uninspired and haven't been wearing anything interesting, but I can guarentee that I will have some pictures up this week.

I am currently watching this on ebay:

A velvet romper...I would provide a link...but I don't want anyone to steal it and outbid me....its only $16 with shipping, and no bids yet, so I have two days to go. If I were to win this i would be so happy. The only thing that I am worried about is that I am really tall and I have a long torso, so I REALLY REALLY hope it fits....if not I will definitely get it tailored or I will give up The Boots.