Wednesday, March 26, 2008

६२ degrees! xD

It was 62 degrees today! I'm not positive, but I think thats the hottest its been so far this year. YAY. I wore a skirt and spring-y colors for the event.

Todays outfit actually took me 15 minutes to make last night...The idea popped into my head after like 2 minutes, but it took me FOREVER to find my red tank and my pencil skirt. I guess thats what I get for having such a messy room =[. blarghs i really need to clean it but i really don't want too.

Of all of the pieces to this outfit, I got the most compliments on the belt. Yay for $1 belts! Unfortunately, I didn't realize until after I left the house that the tights I was wearing were rather orange and in the flourescent light made me look like I had a really bad fake tan on my legs....but whatever. Hopefully everyone realized that I was wearing tights and that I don't have orange legs =P

The other day, I was in Urban Outfitters, and I almost cried. Not from physical or emotional pain, but from the fact that 99.9% of the clothes in there were BEAUTIFUL - AMAZING - EXACTLYWHATIWANT, and I couldn't afford any of them. Who the hell do they think they are, charging tons of money (tee shirts are over $30, no joke) for vintage knock-offs that fall apart (their fabric is so shitty 50% of the time)??!!??!

For example, this $90 colorblock dress.... its beautiful.

Going on their website to get this picture is starting to make me very sad again. Next time I walk in the store, I am going to have to tell myself, "This is cheap shit, you dont want it. This is cheap shit, you don't want it".....It probably wont work though =[

Okay, so I guess I am done for the day with this blog, but before I finish, I want to thank everyone who has been commenting! I love you! And if you haven't been commenting, you should. I just changed my settings yesterday to allow anonymous comments and I took away the verification thingy.

Now I will leave you with a music video from one of my favorite bands, The Hush Sound:



i love your outfit<3 and i know what you mean about urban outfitter- they always have such cute things and the material is not even 100% cotton or made in the U.S. and its so overpriced!

miss_vogue said...

i saw that colorblock dress at urban the other day---toootally lustworthy.

Maddy said...

I am boycotting Urbn because, as you said, it is overpriced shit. Also I am so sick of stores mass-producing the DIY "look". It's stupid and takes away from the integrity of stuff that is actually hand made.

In other news, your shoes are mad cute.

Teen Reader said...

Lovee it<333 Anyways, check out the blog!! =D xoxo

Zoë said...

Yeah...Urban is rather ridiculous isnt it

im gonna try not to set foot in it ever again
it will be hard to resist though xP

Anonymous said...

You have a really nice blog and a great style!

greeting from Mexico :D

On Track said...

Oh i am totally in love with your outfit like everyone else, why cant we have Urban Outfitter here in Aus :( Or maybe its a good thing, otherwise I'd have no money ;)

Sally Jane said...

What is up with UO's prices?! It seems like they are just going up and up. Not that I'm willing to give it up any time soon. ;)