Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"That sweater looks amazingly warm and comfy. You lucky bitch!"

What? Two consecutive posts? Thats crazy! Well, I have changed my lazy ways and have decided to try as hard as I can to post EVERY DAY xD! Not only have I been very inspired lately, but the weather is finally warm enough for me to take pictures outside, like the one above [even though i look like a loser who cant even do the air guitar right].

My dad, being a professional photographer, has let me use his old camera, the Nikon D70. You can expect many photoshoots in the future. Belle, I don't care if you think its stupid...we WILL make photoshoots.

I decided to make a checklist of garments and accessories I want for this spring:

  • Black/Gray Suspenders
  • Flow-y pretty skirt
  • Colorful shirts/sweaters
  • Floral Dress(es)
  • Highwaisted Shorts
  • Sunglasses that actually look good on me (very hard to find)
  • Thin beige/brown/yellow belt
  • Summer-y sweaters
  • Full piece bathingsuit (I think I can pull it off)
If you know where to find any of these items for a decent price online, PLEASE contact me ASAP!

Also, you may have noticed that I updated the site a little bit. Now its not ugly, and its very springy.

I am going to end this blog with a picture of this pile of shit I like to call 'my bedroom'. I know its extremely messy. Hopefully, the embarrassment of posting it online will motivate me to clean it.


ANN said...

the only site i know that sells gladiator sandals is Delia's and they aren't cheap. :( your blog makes me want to post a bunch of my clothes design sketches. XD

Zoë said...

Yeah, gladiators for over $50?? Who pays that much for SANDALS? Its Ridic!

Thanks for the comment =P

ANN said...

yeah it's weird how fashion works, like trends from the past is now in, cept it's 5X more expensive. i was at a local thrift store and they sell sewing patterns of cute dresses from the 60's.. i really want to buy the patterns, but i can't sew, plus there's no sewing machine at home. -__-

Sally Jane said...

Your wishlist looks a lot like mine! I like the look of your photos. Nice hand-me-down camera!:)

SKYLA said...

hehe, love the photos! I'm dying to get a professional nikon or one of those photographic black cameras. they just scream photographic orgasm to me =D

Zoë said...

ann: I know! I hate how things are so much $$!

sally jane: thanks! I love your blog =D

Skyla: thanks! I know what you mean...it makes me feel all artsy fartsy cool when i use it =P

Belle said...

xD i didn't say it was stupid shit, i just sighed and remembered stephanies! uhm yeah hers is the shit and i would feel unoriginal making one immediately after she made hers, kthanks. also i want your camera.

Zoë said...

lmao lets have abagail be our model, ill be the photographer, and you'll be the stylist