Sunday, March 30, 2008

I can't help it...

Today I had to meet some friends in the St. Marks area of NYC, and area rich in vintage stores and artsy restaurants. It's my fave part of the city. Anyways, I was running late, so as I had to pass by about 3 amazing and cheap looking vintage stores and not go in. It was hard. But trust me, I am gonna try to go back next weekend *cough* BELLE YOU ARE COMING *cough*.

After my activities in the city with my friends, I had some time to spare. As I was walking down 14th street, I saw this cute vintages store. The second I went in, I realized that it was mostly for men, but there was a small womens section in the back. The prices were decent; bags were $10-25, shirts, skirts, and pants were $15, but dresses were $28. I only had $26 on me at the time, so I just looked around.

I was looking through a bin of $10 wallets and I came across a very cute 70s wallet in good condition. I have been looking for a nice wallet for a while, and I really need one, so I bought it for $8 (which is a little expensive for a wallet, but whatevs).

After this, I still had time to spare, and Urban Outfitters was right across the street. I couldn't resist. I just wanted to look. The second I went in, I realized that they had ALL NEW STUFF in stock since last weekend. The lightbulb went off and I went straight down to the sale section...BULLSEYE!! There were tons of things I found that were $9.99; dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes. Of course, I only had like $12, so I had a tough decision to make in the dressing room. Here are some of the things I tried on:

Its hard to see how cool looking the shirt in the first pic is because of the background of the changing The second shirt was cute and really soft.

In the end, I went with a floral dress...its soo prettiful and I love it =D! I have to wear a shirt underneath it though, because it is a bit too low-cut/revealing for me. I think its meant to wear a shirt underneath though, so its okay =D


Belle said...

whenever i go into UO i leave wanting to cut a bitch and steal their money so i can afford something there... >>

you bitch! i love that dress! *steals*

Zoë said...

hey, if I could steal your ENTIRE closet, then I would

bri, said...

totally bought that dress in that picture! i've been trying to find cute shoes to wear with it and also it has major cleavage so i have to find the right place to where it

Zoë said...

yeahhh it has a lot of space there so im gonna wear a white tank/tshirt underneath =P