Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bags [part one]

Bags, Bags, BAGS!! I love bags...I mean who doesn't? Today the weather was shitty, and my mood and fashion sense usually reflects the weather, soo yeah. No outfit pic for today. But, I am going to blog about my favorite bag designers! Of course, I love vintage bags the best, but I also love designer bags!

First and foremost, I
love LeSportSac. Their bold colors and eye-catching prints drive me nuts. Its hard to find good pictures online, but if you ever get a chance to go to one of the stores (preferably an outlet), you will go nuts. The price range of these bags are decent; mostly under $100. They are completely waterproof, and some are even reversible.

I am a proud owner of two of these amazing bags (pictures in tomorrows post), and I love them with all of my life. They are so useful, and they never go out of style. When they get dirty, I can just throw them in the laundry machine, and bam! clean! They are great for the beach and even for school or travel.

Usually, I'm not too into big big designer bags, but I've been LOVING this seasons Fendi bags...the colors...the gradients...its amazing. If only I had $2000 to spare xP

On a cheaper note, I love almost all of the bags from Delias. They are affordable, and cute! I still prefer vintage, but hey; colors are great no matter what.

Im gonna head to bed now, but check back tomorrow for a post with pictures of all of my favorite bags =D



wow that fendi bag is 2000?! thats so not worth it.. you could buy like 200 of those delias bags lol.. and i havent seen that bag from lesportsac yet- but they look very nice

ROBOTS said...

about music.

ambika said...

Oh, man, that Fendi bag is amazing. I never go for designer accessories but that's awfully tempting.