Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: BB Dakota, Skirt: Ebay, Belt: Banana Republic

Hey all (or none, since I don't know if anyone still looks at this)! I have decided that I kind of miss fashion blogging a lot and I might want to start up again. I know this isn't the best outfit post ever, but it's a start. Though I have been absent from the blogosphere, I have still been bargain-hunting my ass off! What is my best recent purchase? These Frye boots.

I got them at marshalls for a mind-boggling $55! They were on clearance because they were out of season (I bought them in December), and they also had a small (easily removable) stain which gave me an additional %15 off! What a steal! Though you can't see in the picture, I was also wearing them with the outfit above.

I really love The Frye Company, and this is my third pair of shoes from them. I bought all 3 pairs at Marshalls for less than half of the price they are usually sold for. One pair of boots I've had for nearly 3 years and they still look and feel brand new! Frye boots are amazing so amazing that I will save them to give to my daughter in like 20 or 30 years (and yes, I think they will last that long). I love that they are handmade in the U.S. It is so hard to find good quality boots these days, but these are awesome!

I guess that is all for now, toodles!