Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paris - Vintage Shopping

So, I did manage to do a little bit of vintage shopping when I was in Paris...after eating a few Nutella Waffles of course.

(click to enlarge all pics)

I researched a lot online before the trip, and I found that the Cherry Blossom Girl suggested some great stores that were only a block away from each other.

They had great stuff but it was all extremely overwhelming. The stores were tres petit, as the french say, and they were also very crowded.

The Euro to the Dollar isnt great, but I still got some great deals in these stores. They had bags for 5 euro (about $7) and scarves for 1 Euro ($1.40 ish). Other things were priced differently but all good deals. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a rush so I wasn't able to dig around to my best ability, but I did pick up a few things.The sweater and bag in the photos above were two of my finds. The sweater is from the 80s, it has shoulder pads and a great sailor look, with ships on the buttons. The bag has a Chanel feel, and I love it. I bought it as a gift for my best friend though... I might beg her to borrow it.. =D


Amelia said...

Mmm, nutella. Those vintage stores look amazing and I have no idea how you could possible part with that bag. Drool.

Belle said...

Ohh now I want nutella!
I really like the sweater.

Carol said...

I totally hope you don't think i'm a creep for doing this haha but I couldn't resist. i love that outfit of yours and the picture you took and i did a little bit of editing.
but your picture looks like it could be an ad in a magazine.


Cakemaster said...

nutella is great. You should try it as frosting if you ever bake. Just sayin'.

"paris holds the key to your heart.." 5 bucks to whoever can guess where that comes from =)

btw, tagged you on my blog. cheers <3

Shen-Shen said...

God I LOVE nutella. I eat it by the jar.

Also, I've changed my URL to http://warm-pjs.com in case you want to change your link!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love nutella!

wow, those vintage stores seem so awesome :)

i love the sweater, and hopefully your friend will let you borrow the bag sometime, it is absolutely perfect!

i love your blog, and was wondering if you would like to trade links?

well, i am adding you anyways :)

N said...

LOVE your outfit! :) Found your blog on weardrobe.

And I love ur boots and socks in ur last post.

x Natalie

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Vintage Shopping in Paris??!! WOW how fun!!!

Looks like you had a great time!!

I love Nutella and your cardigan, beanie and boots are LOVE!

vorega badalamenti said...

ouwww... Nutellaaa... =)

Anonymous said...

you haven't posted for such a long time! :(

IMCurtain said...

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Anonymous said...
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