Saturday, May 31, 2008

ooo. field day.

You have probably seen most of these pictures already on Belle's Blog, but thats because she TOOK them from me. Hehe. Its all good. She needs my photo skillz to live anyway and she knows it =D

As for my appointment at Elite, I think it went well. The director of casting seemed to really like me and complimented my coloring and said I was very cute. She said I was a bit on the short side to be a model, but I assured her that I was going to grow at least another inch within the year (as my doctor told me). They are going to call me in for some test photos with hair and makeup and if the come out well, they will add me to their 'New Faces' program. They will send my photos to clients and if I get a good response, I will get a contract! They said that the modeling will go very very very slow until I get a big break (if I get a big break), so I will keep you all updated =P

My outfit wasn't too interesting...I was prepared for athletics and lots of sun; though in the end I stayed in the shade and didn't play at all.

I took this lovely picture of Belle and her god damn dinosaurs.. they are so annoying! And she tried to make me carry them around in my bag all day.. HELL NO, BELLE!

I just wanted to STOMP all over thats what I did =P

I am going to start posting more often again. Tomorrow is a new month...a month with lots of posting.

For whom it may concern, my email address is: if you want to email me for any reason =P. I am always up for a chat, you can also IM AIM screen name is: eatxsocks.



Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

how fun that the dinosaur matches your purse!

Belle said...

I really appreciated you bugging me to comment on your new post when I was in the middle of watching iron man with my family. Srsly smooth, chick.

Belle said...

Oh and if my dinosaurs were a person they would be totally cooler than you. Cuz they already are and they're cheap asian plastic now!

Cate said...

you're going to be a model! wow!
and haha you're going to kill me for saying this, but i love the dinosaurs ^^

Tavi said...

Ahh, congrats on the appointment, that's awesome! I'm glad it went well...I always thought your pictures were great :P And forgive me for saying this, but the dinosaurs are pretty cool (though I wouldn't want to carry them around all day).

Zoë said...

thanks all xD

Victoria-H said...

Nice pictures... :P Me liky.