Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yay! Since my last post, there have been not one, but 2 days with very very very warm (even hot) weather. I got to wear shorts!! Unfortuately, my camera kind of spazzed and two of the pictures came out blurry but I thought they were still cool looking so i posted them anyways.

Of course, I've worn numerous outfits besides this one since my last post, but I forgot to take pictures and I don't feel like putting them on again just to do so. If you haven't noticed already, I'm a lay motherfucker. I wore both of the $10 Urban Outfitter dresses that I got last weekend.

This weekend, I went shopping, but not for me; for someone else. One of my best friends had a birthday on Friday and I wanted to get her a SUPER AWESOME present, so my friend and I combined our money and got her tons of stuff form forever21 and Urban outfitters (on sale, of course). She loved it all. I realized that I am really good at picking out clothes for other people...maybe I could be a personal shopper? Or a stylist? my dreams I guess =P


Belle said...

you wear shorts just to piss me off, your mile long legs.

also, not a stylist: a model. and you know it.

Zoë said...

i cant walk in heels, ho

la petite fashionista said...

hoorayyy for good weather. & i do the same thing (pick out clothes for my friends). on lazy days of summer i just go through their closets haha

zoeeeee said...

the ties on that jacket are so sweet

Kira Fashion said...

Nice, girl!

cute outfit and cute legs and shorts!
so nice your friend like it the gift!
personal shopping sounds nice for me ;)

a kiss and a hug,
nice post, as always!

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures. you're very cool.

p.s. love your taste in music!

Anonymous said...
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Zoë said...

thanks =D

jess said...

your outfit is very cute

aficionada said...

Where are your shorts from? They're so cute. I also like your flats. :)

lor said...

i love that plaid!!