Monday, June 2, 2008

Alexander Wang for Uniqlo

Oh. My. God.
One of my favorite designers, Alexander Wang, who had a steller show at New York Fashion Week for his Fall/Winter 08 collection has made a collection of 8 pieces for Uniqlo! The price range is $30-$100, and the Uniqlo in NYC began selling them on May 30th. If you dont live near the city, dont worry! Many people have already begun selling some of these clothes on Ebay!

(image from Teen Vogue)

Though it is still a little pricey, there is one dress in the collection priced at $40 that I am rather interested in splurging on. Belle, let me know if you are interested in taking a shopping trip to check it out =P

Also, while I was researching, I found that there is going to be an Alexander Wang Sample Sale in NYC on June 21-23. Obviously, it will still be ridiculously expensive, but I still think that it would be cool to go see the designs in person, take pictures, and maybe even try them on xP


Grace's said...

I love Alexander Wang :-) He makes me love with his clothes!^^

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i NEED that black dress on the far left. it looks so flattering and i would even add a skinny, yellow patent leather belt to spice things up! ebay? here i come!

Zoë said...

Yes! The black one is the one that I love too! Its $40 xP