Thursday, June 26, 2008

Israel, here I come!

Hey guys...umm long time no blog? With studying for finals and packing, I am way too busy to do anything...and too lazy.

Basically, schools out, and summer is here! But I am going to be away with no internet access for 9 weeks. I am going to 4 weeks of sleepaway camp, and then I am going to Israel for 5 weeks! I am definately going to take tons of pictures and buy a lot of cool stuff there, and I am determined to bring back some Israeli fashion magazines.

The dress I am wearing in this picture is a tube dress I made in my sewing class. The pattern is like one of those hawaiian louau (sp?) shirts and so I added my seashell belt to make it more beachy. You like?

Well, I'm off to more packing! See ya in September xD


aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow..happy hols!!great life you have

Tavi said...

Hope you have a great time! Awesome dress, so cool you made it.

Sugar Pop said...

have lots of fun! the dress is luverly.

Belle said...

Your dress is really cute.
Have a good summer.

bri said...

ooh defs bring back some Israeli magazines!

Claudia said...

That dress is divine, you did a great job!

Ps. I love your blog, would you like to exchange links?

Shade said...

wow great dress!