Monday, January 21, 2008

The boots.

I have always wanted a nice pair of cowboy boots. Finally, in November, I found these on Ebay. They were perfect. Not only were they the prettiest cowboy boots I had ever seen, but they were a size 8 and 1/2; My size. Of course I had to have them.

Unfortunately, there were a few other bidders trying to get the same boots. They started at $20. I wanted them so badly that I was willing to pay up to $50 for them. I was the last bidder and I won the boots for $47.50.
Okay, so maybe thats a little bit expensive, but these are the most amazing boots I have ever seen. And they are vintage.

I checked the mail every day for a week until they finally came. I opened the box excitedly, and pulled them out.

They were even more amazing in person.

I took off the shoes I was wearing, and shoved the boots onto my feet. My stomach dropped. THEY WERE TOO SMALL. I almost cried. At first, I thought that maybe if i wore thinner socks they would fit better. Nope. Still too small. IT SAID IT WAS AN 8.5!! More like a 7.5-8! I was so upset. The seller said I couldn't return them. So, I still have them. I can't bring myself to reselling them, because I am pretty sure that I wont be able to get as much as I paid I love looking at them. They are so pretty!

I keep telling myself that if I bring them to a shoemaker person, they could stretch them to make them fit me...but my mom says its not gonna happen, but I still have hope. I still haven't gotten around to bringing them, because I don't want to face the disappointment of them still not fitting.

So basically, I am writing this blog, wondering if anyone here would be willing to buy them from me for $40-50...Or, if anyone can help me find another pair of cool cowboy boots (probably not as cool as these) for around $20-40 that are a size 8.5 or yeah. There is my sad story :'(.

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Wendy said...

Its always such a disappointment thats why I've made a rule to not shop online. I'd rather go in person to check the item out. But good luck with these boots. I'm sure someone would love to buy them.