Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New York girl on a prairie??

The outfit I wore today consisted of a plaid peasant-like dress, a t-shirt, stockings, and shoes. As I left my house in the morning, I thought that I looked rather cute and was quite proud of my outfit, but when I got to school it was somewhat the opposite; for guys anyway.

Girls would be like, 'Hey Zoë, you look so cute today! I love the dress," which of course made me very happy...but with was different.

As I sat at my desk in my first class of the day, one of my guys friends said, "Hey Zoë, do you live in a little house on a prairie??" Haha. Like the book. "You wish," I replied. At first I thought, whatever, he always makes fun of me, its just him. But I got similar remarks throughout the day. One boy said, "Hey Zoë, what time are you gonna milk the cows?"

No matter what they said, I still loved my outfit. Who cares? Boys don't understand fashion anyway. But it made me think; What does one usually do when their fashion sense is made fun of? Do you ignore it and wear what you wear?
Do you rethink your outfit and change things up next time? Maybe you go and cry in a corner...what ever floats your boat I guess. What do you, the few readers of my blog, do when someone criticizes your outfit??

The dress I wore today was from the Urban Outfitters line, Urban Renewal. I know, I know, hardcore vintage fashionistas look down upon Urban Outfitters...They carry wannabe vintage clothes for 8x the price! I'd like a moment to defend myself about this...First of all, I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from Urban if it wasn't on sale...I mean, $50 for a sweater? Are you kidding? The quality is usually shit anyways. But Urban Renewal is different.

The Urban Renewal line takes old XXXL mens shirts that no one buys, and transforms them into cute and one-of-a-kind shirts, jackets, vests, dresses, etc. They are one-of-a-kind because of the fabrics; the sewing patterns and styles are the only thing thats the same about two of a given garment.

In basic speech, they are recycling!

Well, thats all for now, folks. Comments make me a happy little prairie girl. As Tigger always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!!

Shirt: Express, $5
Urban Outfitters, $22
Vintage thrifted, $15


Wendy said...

Because I go to a rather fashion ignorant school, if you wear like skirts, you'll get funny looks. One of my guy friends, he always comments on how I always get dressed up because I wear heels. I don't really care about their remarks. Be yourself.

And the dress is really cute and I thought it would be more expensive.

The Clothes Horse said...

I've never had someone mock the way I dress (but I tend to send off a "don't f*** with me" vibe), but I do get a lot of "why are you wearing that...?" Puzzled expressions, bemused glances, the lot. The way I deal with it is I just decide that I'm dressing for me, no one else, so it doesn't matter what people think.
The dress is very nice and I think the idea of recycling clothes to make something modern and wearable is genius.

Stephanie said...

Luckily I go to a pretty accepting school, so I rarely get comments on my outfits except from my friends (although they can be a bit rude sometimes). At first I was really self-concious about what I wore and needed tons of opinions to feel good about what I was wearing, but now no one notices and I'm comfortable with it.
I'm surprised you got any rude comments though - from what I've noticed, pretty/tall people seem to be able to get away with a lot more craziness. =]

AFitz said...

The school I go to is pretty good, fashion wise. There are lots of uggs (unfortunately), but it's an arts schol so people are openminded about pretty much everything.
So is that how they dress in little houses on the prairie? If so, I'm packing up my bags and moving west.

bronwyn said...

I think you look great in this outfit - ignore those stupid boys they don't know what they're talking about!!!! And you have such a good sense of style, I just discovered your blog so I was scrolling down the page, and all your outfits are really really good! Infact, I honestly think that you could be a model, you are beautiful.

Nasia said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...
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