Thursday, January 17, 2008

bring some color to this colorless winter...

Well, today was one of those days where school goes by really fast, but what you do after school goes by very slow...Umm I think I'll just admit it now. I'm on the bowling team at my school. Yepp. We are HARDCORE!! I have bowling every Monday and Thursday, so on those days I never wear dresses or skirts. Bowling in a dress or a skirt is one of the most uncomfortable things least for me :P

As I awoke this morning, I decided to wear something a bit colorful. The outfit sort of came to color combo. I have worn these purple jeans many times before, but always with yellow and only occurred to me today that I could pull them off with pink too! And I added my 'Crayons' necklace to it, which I haven't worn in forever, so that made me very happy.

I am soo happy that this winter, there are a lot more colors in style than there were last year. Last year it was all browns, greys, greens, and sometimes navy. Now I see a lot of people wearing the primary colors, and purple! I love color, so this is great.

I am also very happy that I am getting better at combining different pieces to make different outfits...last year, I was a big fashion nono. I had set outfits...a specific shirt with specific pants..and I would just alternate..and I had the same pants in 3 colors and they weren't even that nice :/

Shirt: Wet Seal, $5
Sweater: Delias, $20
Jeans: H&M, $20
Necklace: Girlprops

I was wearing shoes before, but it started raining, so when I got home I took them off :/.


Flora said...

You look just lovely

Secretista said...

Love the top!

Stephanie said...

Your legs are mad long - lucky!

Cee-Cee said...

how come we dont have a bowling time>>>?? lol