Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Holla atcha gurlll!

Today is the 15th of January of 2008. But you already knew that.

Ummm so today I was actually very proud of my outfit because I wore a dress that I got when I was like 11 or 12 in Paris...and I haven't worn it since then. I didn't think that it fit me anymore! And it wasn't anything that would be in style for 2007. It was a 2008 outfit =D. I also wore my PLAID TIGHTS, which is one of my MOST FAVORITE articles of clothing...I got them in Paris last year..and even though they were like 16 Euros, they were so worth it because they are amazing.

Sooo my dad was in the grocery store and I was waiting in the car and I was madd bored so I took like 10 pictures...I was trying to be all cool and artsy and shit...yeah. Here you go:

Shirt: Aeropostale, 2 years ago, around $15 I think...
Dress: From childhood...don't know price (probs expensive because my grandma bought it)
Tights: From 'Le Bon-Marche' in Paris....around $20
Shoes: Marshalls, $20


Belle said...

hot bitch. i love your legs man. those tights are awesome.

Rhiannon said...

Those tights are amazing!!!!

Zoë said...

thanks =D

sarah said...

those tights are the best ever seen. send them to me.
or no, better not. itd make them ugly lol.