Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finds o' the day

So today, my friend Belle, a few friends, and I went shopping at two vintage/thrift stores near our school. We had never been to these stores before, and had wanted to for a while, but didn't until today, and it was HEAVEN!! We got GREAT deals..and definitely one-of-a-kind items..

Here are some pictures at the finds I got!

This is the name of the store we were shopping at

These shoes were only $15!! SO CUTE =D

This owl patch thing was only $1! Its adorable...THOSE ARE MY COLORS!! It matches my room =D. I think that I am going to sew it onto a plain canvas tote bag =D

This cute purple sweater was only $5! xD xD!! HAPPYYNESSS!
Since I am a "plaid whore", I simply HAD to buy this dress. It was only $22!

I cant wait to wear all of the things I got! You will DEFINATELY see them in future blogs =D
I think I am gonna clean them all first though, because they smell a bit musty.

Anyhoo, this is the outfit I wore today:

Coat (in first picture): Kenneth Cole, via Loehmanns, $75
Shirt: Delias, $15
Vest: Target, $10
Jeans: Delias, $20
Shoes: Asics, $60
Necklace: Wet Seal, $5


Belle said...

you photogenic bitch, you look amazing in that random picture i took of you xD

and i'm going to borrow those shoes a lot, i hope you'll realize. bahaha. tstraps are fantastical.

Tinkyminky said...

hey! I'm discovering your blog! You have a great style! I love your outfits!

Wendy said...

Ah thrifting is too fun. You've gotten such cute items, especially those shoes.