Monday, January 14, 2008

Why hello there...


I'm Zoë....and yeah, the two dots are on my birth certificate. I'm 16, and I LOVE fashion...and shopping....and photography...and filmmaking..and graphic design...and life.

Some people ask if I'm a model...when I say no, they say I look like a model, and that I should be one. I reply with 'Ehhh, I guess so, but the industry is a bit too hectic for me' or 'I kind of want to but my parents wont let me.'

Soo I guess this is my Wow that was Canadian...
Anywaysss my friend Arabelle and I are fashion slaves, so we are going to have fashion blogs!!

anyhoo, this is what I wore yesterday:

Shirt: The gap, $5 ... about 2 years ago
Sweater: Urban Outfitters, $20
Jeans: Delias, $20
Sneakers: Asics, $60 (but SOOOO worth it)
Bracelet: $5, flea market

and this is what I wore today:

Shirt: Delias, $5
Sweater: Delias, $20
Jeans: Delias, $20
Shoes: Marshalls, $20
Necklace: Forever 21, $3



Charlie & Rosie said...

Nice shit!check our blog! Crazy and beautiful!

ahnahleebahnahnuhlee said...

i like your style girl, teenage bloggers unite i suppose

plaidplaid said...

hello there,
where can I buy Millau, have seen it in a store on new port beach,Cali. Can't find it online. I appreciate it.